Gamifies Learning with Its Blockchain-Based Education Platform

Nov 26, 2017 at 14:20 // News

If you were like most kids in elementary school, recess was your favorite subject, followed by lunch. Obviously, kids love recess because they are free to play whatever and however they want. But what you might not realize is another reason why kids love recess is because of how much they learn during those fifty or so minutes of freedom.

According to Jean Piagnet, a Swiss education researcher, children play games to understand the world around them and to learn. That’s why it’s so much easier to play Candy Crush or Trivia Crack than it is to study. In the United States, more than 60% of teachers use digital games at least weekly in the classroom. It makes sense then, that people are increasingly addicted to their smartphones, rather than their textbooks., a digital education pioneer, is building a revolutionary blockchain-based platform to promote the gamification of knowledge learning. The new platform is founded on the idea that our brain is wired to learn through games. By rewarding consumers and creators of knowledge, the new platform aims to create an engaging ecosystem for learning.

The Knowledge Graph

At the heart of the new ecosystem is the Knowledge Score, which evaluates a user’s understanding and expertise around specific topics. The score will help everyone from educators to employers customize a learning experience for their students.

This data will also be useful to advertisers and marketers in customizing their promotions for very specific audiences. As a result, will accelerate the learning experience of it’s users through hyper-relevant content.


The Knowledge Token has announced an initial coin offering in 2018 beginning with a 25 million token presale slated for January 15, 2018. The public coin offering will follow the presale, running from January 24 until February 25. The ICO seeks to raise at least $5 million with a cap at $50 million. In total, there will be 250 million Knowledge tokens created.

The new Knowledge Token will help fuel value exchange on the newly created learning platform. Knowledge creators will receive tokens for new content from users who consume their content. The new platform will function similar to Quora but with monetary rewards for more valuable content.

Unlike other digital currencies, Knowledge Tokens cannot be mined by cryptographic hashing but rather by solving questions. The new currency will be made available on exchanges and also through partner applications.

The Knowledge Ecosystem

Several leading digital entertainment companies have already pledged their support of the ecosystem including GamingGrids. GamingGrids is a mobile entertainment and esports company with more than five million monthly active users. The partnership will help kickstart the Knowledge Graph giving a wealth of data to analyze and perfect the new platform.

In addition to the partnership,’s roadmap includes a direct integration with GamingGrids app. The result will be one-of-a-kind hyper targeted experience for advertisers. Not only will the platform be ideal for advertisers but it will also provide a better experience for users. Since the ads will be hyper-relevant they’ll also be considerably less intrusive to users. users will receive tokens based on their level of knowledge in addition to their usage of the application, providing everyone an opportunity to gain tokens. The new tokens will be available for sale on exchanges based upon their post ICO valuation.

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