Erotic NFT Art and Artificial Intelligence

Oct 21, 2021 at 09:50 // News
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Aiko will revolutionize erotic art

In the world of blockchain, a project has emerged that can confidently be called revolutionary. This project will completely change the way people think and interact with erotic art.

The name of this project is Aiko. It is the world's first blockchain project to transform erotic NFT art into an immersive and personalized AI experience. The Aiko team will officially launch the "I'M AIKO" collection on October 25th. The collection will allow users to create their own virtual companion with artificial intelligence, which will be able to adapt to their needs, habits and any desires.

“I'm Aiko” is based on the Solana blockchain and consists of 10,000 randomly generated Aikos from hundreds of possible ones. Each Aiko consists of one silhouette, hundreds of options for costumes, hairstyles, tattoos, facial expressions and moods - the possibilities for customizing Aiko are simply endless! It all depends only on your imagination.

Numerous possible combinations

This is the main feature of Aiko - there are hundreds of possible combinations, which makes each product unique. Attributes will also have different rarity levels: Unique, Legendary, and Epic. A complete list of attributes will be posted shortly.

Aiko's roadmap contains a detailed plan, and includes the start of the pre-sale and official sale of the NTF, the launch of the official NFT-Art marketplace for erotic art on the Solana blockchain, the development and release of the AI-enabled Aiko app for iOS and Android, and much more.

With its plans, Aiko will attract a new group of people awaiting the launch of the initial collection. This is a big step in the world of NFT erotic art and artificial intelligence. By the 1st quarter of 2022, the Aiko team plans to launch all the main functionality of their project and change the world.










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