EEA Officially Releases Key New Set of Specifications for ETH Developers

Nov 01, 2018 at 15:04 // News
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EEA Specifications for ETH Developers

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) officially published a new set of specifications in order to define standards for Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain creators. What do we know about these specs?

The EEA wants to provide standards for developers who use private iterations of the ETH Blockchain.

New Specs

The EEA notified the public about its "release of the Enterprise ETH Client Specification V2 and Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification V0.5. during the DevCon4 in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic." The Spec V0.5. is a new update of the usual standards, that wants to guarantee ETH developers write code which "propels enterprise clients to choose EEA spec-based answers over proprietary offerings."

The Spec V2 will provide a label which means that the item was checked by a third party to be sold-off as EEA-compliant.

The first spec release is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The APIs can carry out transactions "off-chain" for further computation in another place, and a summary can be safely be moved to the "main chain." The APIs have been thoroughly reviewed to be fully compatible with Trusted Multi-Party Compute, Trusted Execution Environments and Zero-Knowledge.

EEA's Standards Have the Potential to Streamline Payments

The Executive Director (ED) at EEA, Ron Resnick, noted that:

“Enterprises can select no matter which secure compute ways perform best for their use case, even if it is for retail, supply chains, banks, or other big enterprise-based ecosystems.”

The EEA plans to broaden its set of standards by attracting new firms from different industries to join its list of member organizations. Currently, there are above 500 firms in this list. Ron revealed that he thinks that EEA's standards have the noumenon to streamline and modernise the payments exercise in chemical supply chains.

The initial specifications iteration aimed at capability would "fundamentally be the catapult that rolls out the entire ecosystem," Ron said.

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