DAO.Casino Releases TestNet 2.0 | Next Generation of the Gambling Industry

Aug 05, 2019 at 11:30 // News
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Dao.Casino is building a Blockchain for the gambling industry that ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all the industry participants.

DAO.Casino has released Blockchain TestNet 2.0. This update presents new features and an improved governance model, including the dedicated vote staking mechanism and a dynamic validator allocation. Dao.Casino is building a Blockchain for the gambling industry that ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all the industry participants: casino operators, game developers, affiliates and players in a fair and transparent ecosystem.

Anyone looking to sign up to participate in the testing of the DAO.Casino Blockchain in the role of either a Validator or a Delegator can do so. TestNet 2.0 allows users to create accounts, deposit test tokens, stake them against the Blockchain’s resources and cast votes for Validator nodes. Validator nodes can participate in the block production process, as well as earn test token rewards. All of these features have been included to allow users to familiarize themselves with the DAO.Casino Blockchain in preparation for the launch of the MainNet.

New Features of TestNet 2.0

TestNet 2.0 includes a large number of improvements over TestNet 1.0, which improve on the overall performance and functionality of the blockchain. The following list of features have been included in the recently released TestNet 2.0:

  • Dedicated staking resource type “vote” used for Validator voting along with traditional CPU and bandwidth;

  • Dynamic number of Validator nodes based on the total stake amount (from 21 up to 100);

  • Transaction sponsorship for providing a way to “sponsor” resource reservation needed for transactions made by other accounts. This feature will allow organizations to easily onboard new users by performing actions on the blockchain without initial token deposits.

Getting Involved

Given that there has been an increasing level of interest in the DAO.Casino Blockchain, a comprehensive series of guides have been made readily available with TestNet 2.0 to help familiarize people with the blockchain.

Tutorial for validators


Tutorial for delegators


Becoming part of the DAO.Casino Blockchain is actually quite simple.

Here are the steps to follow for becoming a member of this disruptive game-changing global gambling ecosystem.

1) First, it helps to read posts found in the DAO.Casino blog section.

This will allow you to get a sneak peek into their vision and why they believe their blockchain will be the next generation of the gambling industry.

2) Second, join the DAO.Casino Telegram Chat Room for validators.

The chat room is the best place to ask questions and discuss everything related to the DAO.Casino Blockchain.

3) Third, if you wish to get more detailed information about the Validator’s role and what the benefits are:

- Please, have a look at our Presentation for Validators.

- Find all the necessary documentation on how to launch your own node here.

- Fill the https://my.dao.casino/2f form to get started, or fill the form at daovalidator.com

If you are looking for more information, or if you simply want to share some feedback, contact the DAo.Casino team directly via Telegram @unlimion or  @daosasha ; additional email: a@daovalidator.com

The validators play a critical role in ensuring the strongest possible security and performance for the DAO.Casino Blockchain.

Looking Ahead

DAO.Casino is an ambitious project with a growing community. It continues its development process and the team is working hard on implementing new features. The release of the TestNet 2.0 brings the blockchain 1 step closer to the highly anticipated MainNet Launch and the full deployment of the DAO.Casino Blockchain.

An upcoming development will allow users to manage their resources inside the ecosystem. More news regarding this and about exciting upcoming game releases will be provided during the next updates from DAO.Casino

Be sure to join the Dao.Casino social media channels below to get the latest information about the project’s development.

DAO.Casino official media: 

Support Telegram Chat: https://my.dao.casino/2f

DAO Glossary: https://docs.dao.casino

Twitter: https://twitter.com/daocasino

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