DAO.Casino Announces Blockchain Based Decentralized Ethereum Gambling Ecosystem

Mar 13, 2017 at 07:02 // PR

DAO.Casino’s Ethereum blockchain based platform ensures safe, secure and profitable gaming experience while rewarding active participation.

DAO.Casino’s Ethereum smart contracts based software expresses a practical business logic to support the growth of a fair and sustainable gaming and gambling industry. It offers a unique socio-technical protocol, which creates a fine balance between the platform’s usability and its autonomous economic infrastructure.

DAO.Casino, with its decentralized business model, creates a democratized gambling platform where everyone involved, irrespective of the designation, are recognized and rewarded for their contribution. The platform has tentatively scheduled the release for April 2017.

Be it players, developers or investors, DAO.Casino has a lot of offer to each one of its associates.

Business Model

DAO.Casino’s decentralized business model means that the project’s developers are as much as same as anybody who brings value to their platform. That’s the beauty of the system: it appreciates the participants and rewards them likewise.

DAO.Casino’s code is administered by mathematics — a cryptographically verifiable Ethereum powered code that automatically distributes funds amongst all the participants who bring value: developers, referrers, and random number providers.

Ilya Tarutov, the CEO of DAO.Casino explaining the choice of Ethereum protocol said,

“There are ways of providing a much better experience for the players and the game devs while creating a sustainable business model that scales. Ethereum provides a very useful technology to achieve this.”

For the Players

The existing gaming and gambling infrastructure is hugely rigged, and players have turned out to be the biggest victims of unfair betting outcomes. There is no such thing as a trusted third party as each gaming service, at some point in time manipulates the results to suit their business models. And the saddest part is the inability of players to call/prove the bluff, because the betting outcomes are calculated behind the curtains.

So, the first and the foremost thing DAO.Casino focuses on is usability. With usability, the platform wants to provide a perfect mixture of straightforward user-experience, provable fairness, and higher payouts.

To sum it up, these are some of the benefits users can receive by using DAO.Casino:

  • Straightforward UX
  • Discover unlimited provably fair indie gambling games
  • Choose the most suitable UI
  • Get higher payouts
  • Take part in a potentially largest lottery on Ethereum

For the Game Developers

DAO.Casino wants to eliminate a developer’s need to rely on closed-source gaming markets, where s/he hardly has any rights to monetise their work, raise funds for development or expect to bankroll without paying hefty commissions.

With its focus on offering a sustainable, attack-resistant platform, DAO.Casino offers a safe and thriving environment to developers in which they can build games freely, raise funds and bankroll without needing to rely on centralized models. So, with the platform, developers get to receive:

  • Scalable P2P marketplace
  • P2P referral system support
  • Possibility of raising funds for the bankroll
  • Build own Casino (front-end)
  • Verifiably genuine RNG provided by DAO.Casino
  • Retain the intellectual property

For the Token Holders

DAO.Casino token holders don’t just hold tokens under their mattress. Any member of the DAO.Casino can contribute & get rewarded for their active engagement. They can,

  • Invest token in any game’s bankroll and earn % from the game profits
  • Become a referrer & help players with platform discovery
  • Become providers of random numbers used by games.

DAO.Casino tentative first release is in April 2017.

Project Features

Resilient: Tokens are distributed amongst many contracts.
Fair distribution: Reward system is transparent & automatic (not controlled by a central authority).
Open & Extensible: Anyone can add a game or run their own casino UI.
Sustainable: Maintained by many participants.

Token Features

  • In-game currency – A native token to speed up transactions within the house
  • Random Number – Token holders can become providers of random numbers used by games.
  • Bankroll backing – Token holder can back any game of choice

Coming soon

During the month of March, DAO.Casino will be publishing:

  • A detailed system architecture
  • Token distribution & functionality details
  • Detailed description of RNG
  • Initial Solidity contracts
  • Security audit results

With its ethos and dedication to providing a provably fair, user-friendly experience DAO.Casino looks forward to creating a great future business for players and programmers alike.

About DAO.Casino

DAO.Casino is an open ecosystem for gambling games that doesn’t rely on a trusted third party. Its decentralized governance system built on Ethereum offers rewards to developers, security auditors, and community members for their contribution to the platform where players can discover and play scam-free games with a straightforward user interface.

Learn more about DAO.Casino at – https://dao.casino/
Visit DAO.Casino’s blog – https://medium.com/@dao.casino
Follow DAO.Casino on Twitter at – https://twitter.com/daocasino

Media Contact

Contact Name: Ilya Tarutov
Contact Designation: CEO, DAO.Casino
Contact Email: team@dao.casino

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