DataBroker DAO Announced Chinese Roadshow Dates, Doubles Token Sale Rewards Until June 30th

Jun 19, 2018 at 18:21 // PR
DataBroker DAO has now announced the official dates and locations for its Chinese roadshow.

DataBroker DAO is proud to announce the official dates and locations for the China roadshow from June 12th to June 20th, 2018; the DTX token sale now ends June 30th, 2018.

Dubai UAE – In May 2018, DataBroker DAO announced the extension of the DTX token sale, it was moved to June 30th due to new developments that were realized upon carefully considering the sizable Chinese Internet of Things (IoT) market. 

Chinese Roadshow and Token Sale Extension 

DataBroker DAO has acknowledged that China is the largest market in the world for IoT sensor data and hardware with a whopping 22% of the global market share. In terms of projected growth, the IoT market is growing faster than GDP; projected annual growth by 2020 is expected to be 20% to 30%,meaning that China will still be the market leader in IoT by then. 

Considering that the Chinese market is worth approximately CNY 500 Billion (80 Billion USD) and growing at an accelerating pace, DataBroker DAO made the informed decision to extend the DTX token sale until June 30th in order to tap this gigantic market. 

By extending the token sale, it is now possible for potential Chinese stakeholders to take part; as a result of this  DataBroker DAO has postponed listing the DTX token on the CoinFalcon exchange until the end of the extension period. Additionally, DataBroker DAO is working to have DTX listed on a very reputable Chinese exchange. 

DataBroker DAO is also heading to the lucrative IoT land of China to achieve the sale target of 108 Million DTX.  DataBroker DAO has now announced the official dates and locations for its Chinese roadshow as well as the dates for the Rise Conference in Hong Kong and SIBOS, Sydney. Details can be found below: 

CHINA ROADSHOW, June 12–20, 2018: 

Shanghai 上海 Tuesday, June 12 & Wednesday, June 13 

Hangzhou 杭 Thursday, June 14 

Guangzhou 广州 Friday, June 15 

Shenzhen 深圳 Saturday, June 16 & Sunday, June 17 

Beijing 北京 Monday, June 18 & Thursday, June 22 

For more details about the events Databroker will be attending, please visit the website.

Rise conference, Hong Kong, July 9–13, 2018 

SIBOS Sydney, October 22–25, 2018 

DataBrokerDAO is also setting up private meetings with Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Van Niekerk, should anyone be interested in doing so, email here: 

Aerodyne Partnership 

China isn’t the only international effort on the menu,  DataBroker DAO is proud to announce a new member to its alliance.  Aerodyne, a drone-based managed solution provider with offices across the globe has an industry leasing 35,000 flight operations and over 100,000 infrastructure assets inspected in 2017 with their unique DaaS model (Drone-as-a-service). This has amounted to 80 billion dollars in the gross development value of construction projects. 

The Aerodyne DaaS model has endless applications, environmental management, mining, project management, precision agriculture, construction site inspection, security and surveillance, emergency response etc. Aerodyne drone can be deployed immediately, no set up, no investment, training or maintenance costs, furthermore there is no risk of the drones becoming obsolete. 

The Aerodyne solution is cost effective and when paired with a marketplace like  DataBroker DAO, it will allow users of the solution to sell data collected by the drones (sensor data, photo, video material etc.) to anyone who so desires it. 

DTX Token Sale and Distribution  

Heading to China is not the only reason for the token sale extension. As the original DTX token sale was coming to a close, the community got in touch through the DataBroker DAO telegram, raising several interesting questions regarding whether or not unpurchased tokens would be burned upon sale completion. 

Drawing from the most significant points of the conversation,  DataBroker DAO has come the conclusion that it would be wise, and fair to increase the distribution to the community. So, for all those that have already purchased DTX tokens or those that will go on to participate in the sale, their DTX purchase has been doubled. The base rate of 4000 DTX per 1 ETH has been increased to 8000 DTX per 1 ETH. 

The token sale ends June 30th, 2018 and the rate of exchange is now 1 ETH per 8000 DTX. 

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