Cocos-BCX Alpha Testing Now Opens to Developers Globally

Apr 02, 2019 at 13:17 // PR
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After a successful launch of Cocos-BCX TestNet on December 21, 2018, Cocos-BCX( announced the Developer Program in China for 30 developers to join Alpha testing on Cocos-BCX TestNet. With an introduction of English version of technical documents, Cocos-BCX offers testing opportunities to individual and team developers all over the globe!

Benefits Testers will Receive:

  • Opportunity to take part in Cocos-BCX’s future technical events.
  • Weekly online AMA with the Cocos-BCX team to exchange feedback and ideas.
  • Technical support from Cocos-BCX engineers during the alpha testing stage, to help with development of the blockchain games, as well as assistance in solving any occurring issues.
  • An amazing chance for the quality projects to be launched on the Cocos-BCX chain and get full marketing support.
  • Financial support will be provided to the selected developers.
  • Ability to share the traffic resource of Cocos-BCX platform once the games are developed.

How to Apply? 

1. Requirements: 

  • Experience in game development
  • Experience in blockchain technology research and coding
  • Intention to launch games on Cocos-BCX platform.

These requirements are not mandatory, however the preference will be given to the applicants who meet the majority of them. 

2. Application Form: 

Please fill out and submit this online form:

3.  Admission process: 

After an evaluation of submitted applications, Cocos-BCX team will select the best candidates and send out an e-mail notification to the qualified developers.

4. Deadlines   

This program is currently open with no set deadline.

Cocos-BCX team reserves all rights to final interpretation of above program. 

Developer Resources: 

Technical documentation:
Cocos-BCX introduction video: 

Follow Cocos-BCX official social channels: 


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