Blockchain-based OTC Trading Platform Xtock Announces Alpha Website Launch and Prepares for Global Marketing

Aug 06, 2018 at 11:18 // PR
Blockchain OTC trading platform ‘Xtock’ has officially announced the launch of it’s ‘teaser’ website, a first of it’s kinda for the Asian region.

Blockchain-based OTC market finance platform Xtock has announced its Alpha website launch as the company prepares for global marketing.

Hong Kong –  Blockchain OTC trading platform ‘Xtock’ has officially announced the launch of it’s ‘teaser’ website, a first of it’s kinda for the Asian region. The company will be providing a blockchain based OTC token, which will be based on off-the-shelf, real-time financial  and corporate data solutions. 

Xtock have stated that the database and evaluation platform will allow businesses, as well as users,  to connect more effectively and efficiently. Xtock will provide liquidity, transparency and funding opportunities by tokenizing companies,  evaluated by raw data analytics, and driven by artificial intelligence, government & national credit rating agencies. 

Xtock is a reverse TGE that is based on pre-existing fintech and digital lending services and is already gaining investor’s confidence. 

Park Jin-hong, managing director of Xtock had these words to say about the the OTC market:

“The OTC market is already growing rapidly and we will provide investors with liquidity through more transparent and accurate information circulation by leveraging blockchain technology and providing a simple to use OTC trading platform.”

Xtock will begin its presale on August 1st and plans to list Xtock this year. The first half of next year, Xtock plans to launch and start listing with partner companies on its ITO – Initial Token Offering exchange. It also plans to expand from Asia into global markets in the second half of next year. 

About Xtock  

Xtock is Asia’s the first blockchain based offshore real-time financial network for OTC Market. XEM (Xstock Evaluation Matrix), built with global AI (artificial intelligence) experts and CRAs (credit rating agency) with blockchain system (decentralized technology), selects and evaluates company and it’s asset for tokenization, and transmit contract privileges in real time in order to transform each tokens to real asset. 

It will be distributed to create an ecosystem that can be widely used from the management of general OTC company information to corporate financial services, and will lead active participation of various participants such as individuals, companies and institutions. 

It provides an opportunity of incentives for all participants, at the same time, incentive system will encourage OTC analysts to provide more valuable and accurate sources of information, and allows others to maximize profits based on accurate information. 

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