Embracing Supervision, Creating Good Blockchain Ecology, BitKop’s First Blockchain Hub Salon was Successfully Held

Jul 01, 2018 at 06:31 // PR
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BitKop Blockchain Hub Salon

On June 21, 2018, the first Blockchain Hub themed salon, held by BitKop decentralized trading platform, was closed in Beijing. With the theme of "Long-term and healthy development and regulatory compliance of blockchain industry", Salon deeply explored the security and regulatory issues in the blockchain field.

This salon invited the Kaplan family, the founder of Prometheum, Inc., Cheetah Rating Token CTO Wenjun Zhang, TokenInsight COO Changbai Zuo, Mindao Yang, chairman of the Atopia Capital and co-founder of Qushi Capital, and Zheng Wei, an 8 Decimal Capital partner, to share their views in blockchain field. In addition, 4 rating agencies and 8 investors also participated in the activity, and more than 20 media reported this salon. Let's review some important opinions and keywords of this salon.

Keyword 1: SEC, Supervision, Legal ICO

Prometheum is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the United States that has applied an ICO license with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC). The platform provides services such as ICO, token trade and encrypted asset clearing.

The founder Martin Kaplan pointed out that the SEC has determined that all current unregistered ICOs and tokens circulating in the secondary market actually belong to securities, and therefore many of the existing ICOs are illegal, but there is no relevant law for sanctions. He said, at present SEC has a complete structure and system for the supervision of the US financial market, so a new industry like cryptocurrency only needs to follow the established regulatory treaty, and there is no need to worry that the United States will introduce more stringent laws to limit the development of the new industry. Aaron Kaplan stressed that the US cryptocurrency industry should actively cater to the SEC's regulation to maintain long-term and stable development. Moreover, only projects that seek to regulate themselves can achieve remarkable process.

Keyword 2: Rating Agencies, Build a Good Ecology

TokenInsight COO Changbai Zuo believed that the chaos of blockchain industry lies in the lack of effective supervision and formal rating of exchange projects, so investors or users can’t choose a compliant and excellent project based on a unified standard. To this end, rating agencies should become the nodes for exchanges, project parties, and investment institutions, and these four parts should join together to build a good ecology of blockchain. In addition, it is necessary to step up supervision, and project fraud should always be recorded and traceable. If the ecology is destroyed, it will not be worth the candle. The project party should also make active disclosures and be responsible for users and investors.

Keyword 3: Regulatory Difference, Embracing Supervision

Yang Mindao, the co-founder of Qushi Capital, stated that the “cryptocurrency circle” and “chain circle” dictate the regulatory differences because of their attributes: The significance of digital currency lies in creating a parallel financial system, rather than supplementing the centralized financial system. This attribute of pursuing currency privatization and decentralization determines that it does not need to be subject to any regulation. Whereas blockchain is a kind of technology supplement embedded in the current regulatory environment, so it needs to actively embrace and cooperate with supervision. According to the regulatory differences existing in the two circles, Yang Mindao believed that the future direction of supervision will consider the attributes of two circles and narrow the differences: exchanges, digital asset banks, and ICO platforms will be supervised. As the regulatory decentralized infrastructure gradually improves, the prosperous “non-regulatory market” will also exist for a long time.

The era of blockchain has only just begun. BitKop decentralized trading platform hopes to explore the current status of various issues and solutions in the blockchain industry through long-term salon activities, to promote the development of the blockchain industry in a more secure supervision and sounder direction, and to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the digital asset industry and protect the interests of investors.

Company Profile

BitKop decentralized exchange, founded in 2017, headquartered in Singapore, has now received co-investment from IDG Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, Transference Fund, and Bit-Z, the industry-leading digital asset exchange. Targeting the “ safe and user friendly decentralized global digital asset exchange”, BitKop will gradually realize decentralization from aspects such as the cryptocurrency listing method, asset custody, asset clearing, and transaction integration. BitKop currently has over 150,000 registered users, including over 80,000 users holding KOP currency, and the daily average transaction volume has exceeded 1,000 BTC.

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