BABASHARE, the Latest Innovation From BABACOIN

Sep 04, 2018 at 13:07 // News
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This gives the idea of ​​how to expand the wings of BABACOIN in the cryptocurrancy world.

Babacoin continues to provide services to members who have joined in BABACOIN. This gives the idea of ​​how to expand the wings of BABACOIN in the cryptocurrancy world.

Innovation is the key word. Pioneers in terms of 2 platforms in 1 COIN will certainly provide a lot of benefits for members and investors.   

Babashare itself is also an innovation in the form of Coin Eshare. Babashare allows leaders to get a percentage of GLOBAL PROFIT SHARING from 7 countries.  

Babashare is one of the various features that are incorporated in BABACOIN. In addition to getting bonuses from Bababot, we are also presented with an E-share plan where members will get additional bonuses at SPLIT.   

Babashare is different from Bababot and members who want to participate in Babashare must follow the Bababot plan first.   

Starting from the price of $ 1.00, members can buy Babashare using Dollar or Babacoin from the Internal Exchanger. 

To achieve SPLIT (for Results), the global market must buy 5000 E-Share from Babashare. After SPLIT, members will get a profit sharing bonus of 1% of the total capital in Babashare. 

And so on until the price reaches $ 2.00 and will return to the original stage of $ 1.00.   

There are several levels of investment in Babashare:  

1. Silver starts $ 100
2. Gold starts $ 500
3. Platinum starts at $ 1,000
4. VIP starts $ 10,000
5. VVIP starts $ 20,000
6. VVIP 1 starts at 25,000 

All levels have specification including how many bonuses can we get from each levels. 

We will Launching Babashare at 9th September 2018. Please Enjoy our New Feature.

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