What to Expect from Tron in 2020

Apr 04, 2020 at 11:20 // PR
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When cryptocurrencies entered the public scene, people had different visions of the future of payment systems. While some accepted cryptocurrencies, believing they will outshine fiat currencies in no time, others were skeptical about this whole new world. Additionally, as different cryptocurrencies emerged, people started to play favorites.

Tron is one of those cryptocurrencies that aims high, which has helped create a love-hate relationship among the general public. That’s why no cryptocurrency blog will offer you the same opinion on Tron, its past, present, or future. 

That’s why we turned to experts and got their professional opinion we will now share with you.

Where does Tron currently stand?

Tron has been through a lot in the last couple of months. The fluctuation of the market has had an impact on it as much as it did on other cryptocurrencies. 

January was the period with most ups and downs for Tron. The standard price of $0.0165 increased to $0.01719 in a few days. Then it dropped to $0.01575, and soon after jumped again to $0.0195. The period of stability then ensued, and February started well.

Tron had it under control until the middle of the last month. Moreover, it was doing great since the price progressively escalated. It went up to $0.0230 and more or less kept that price. It fluctuated, of course, but it never went under $0.0216. At one point in February, Tron even reached the price of $0.0266.

Then, out of nowhere, a massive fall of 24.14% occurred, and the price was reduced to $0.0203. After the downfall, the price fluctuated around that number, until it dropped down to $0.0197, leaving the impression that Tron’s stability has been disrupted.

March brings new challenges for Tron

The first quarter of 2020 has been turbulent for all cryptocurrencies, including Tron. Once its price decreased in February, it was hard to get back on track.

March appears to be particularly difficult as the coin has been hovering between $0.0086 and $0.0102 during the last few days. The statistics from the last 24 hours show that Tron has been putting up a good fight to maintain stability. However, the highest it went was $0.010053, which is not that great compared to Tron’s price in February.

This is where the love-hate relationship towards Tron jumps in. The ones who don’t prefer Tron claim that after its downfall at the beginning of 2020, it will take it long to recover. On the other hand, the pro-Tron team believes that this is just a phase all cryptocurrencies are going through at the moment and that Tron will get back on its feet in the upcoming months.

As we wanted to be neutral and give you an objective opinion, we checked what the experts say in regards to Tron.

Experts’ opinion

Before the start of 2020, many teams of experts published Tron price predictions based on the data from previous years. Some of the predictions portrayed Tron as powerful, while others thought it didn’t stand a chance to stay on the list of top-rated cryptocurrencies.

One of the most accurate predictions at this moment is the one by the PricePrediction site where you can find experts predicting the price of Tron will reach $0.42 by the end of 2020. The Coincheckup site claims it will go up to $0.8053 by the last month of this year. Some highly enthusiastic analysts go quite far and predict that Tron could reach $5.72 per coin.

If we are to judge according to all the information available at the moment, we would say that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Only time will tell whose predictions were the most accurate.

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