The Ultimate Checklist for Improving Your E-Commerce Business

Dec 30, 2018 at 12:54 // PR
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Consumers love the low pricing, large selections, and convenience a shopping online.

With revenues of more than $2.75 trillion in 2018, the online e-commerce business continues to grow dramatically. Consumers love the low pricing, large selections, and convenience a shopping online. Companies including Amazon, Alibaba, eBay how many others are thriving because the technology that once prohibited this business from being successful, has now been replaced with new technology that supports the goals of e-commerce.

Each year hundreds of thousands of new e-commerce companies come online. Each has the goal of meeting the needs of the more than 1 billion consumers now shop online regularly. The competition for these consumers, however, is extremely high, with major retailers and mom and pop companies fighting for those same consumers. If your goal is to create an e-commerce business and be successful in today's marketplace, you need to understand some of the key elements that make e-commerce businesses successful. 

Here are a few of the most important things to do in order to ensure your e-commerce business’ success.

 Make Sure You Are Trustworthy

Trust is at the core of every business relationship and without it, it is extremely difficult to move a transaction forward. One of the major challenges, when you set up an e-commerce site, is that you are asking customers to believe that once they make your payment your company will, in fact, provide them the goods that they have purchased. They must also believe that if there's a problem that you will do all you can to rectify the problem even if it means returning their purchase price in full. 

Many online retailers find this is a major challenge to Growing your business, but they understand the demands of consumers, many of whom have been cheated or disappointed by online retailers in the past. To put consumers at ease, online retailers must adopt policies that allow consumers to gain a level of trust needed in order to complete a financial transaction. 

What has emerged is the use of customer feedback to help determine whether a retailer is reputable. When people shop online they are happy to give feedback about whether the purchase was successful in one that they would do it again. Many consumers rely on these responses by other consumers to help make the choice of an online retailer. However many online retailers have learned how to manipulate these customer responses to create a more positive impression of their business, leaving consumers confused about whether they can trust online reviews. 

There are companies that can verify and guarantee the legitimacy of customer reviews, giving customers security that what they are reading is accurate. An online retailer should utilize one of these companies in order to give their potential customers assurance that their reviews are legitimate and can be trusted. These same companies set up trustworthy marketplaces that can be utilized between customer and e-commerce site.

Make an Easy to Navigate Website

Consumers expect to be able to easily navigate your website from reviewing your products to purchase. The average customer will spend less than 15 seconds on a website that is difficult to navigate. It does not matter how amazing the products are if things are not in places where consumers expect, they simply leave and go someplace else. For this reason, it is extremely important that you make an easy-to-navigate website. One great suggestion is to use a website development company that provides templates. 

Companies like WordPress, Etsy, and others provide customizable websites that utilize standard navigation so you are sure to be putting up an e-commerce site that consumers will find easy to navigate. There are some limitations with these sites in terms of their customization abilities, but what you gain far outweighs what you lose.

Use the Best SEO Strategies 

No matter how amazing your website is, if no one can find you online you will not be able to sell your products to customers. 

This is where search engine optimization comes in as a very valuable marketing strategy. SEO is a set of strategies and tools used to improve your sights placement on the top search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Today there are millions of e-commerce sites providing every type of product imaginable. Each fighting for the attention of customers around the world. In many cases, the products are the same and the pricing is as well. Consumers searching for products on the internet or more often than not go to a popular search engine and put in a keyword phrase. 

The search engine will produce results based on those keywords and offer a list of websites for the consumer to inspect. With so many websites offering the same things, those sites that are viewed on the first page or two of the search engine will definitely get the most clicks by the consumer. 

For companies that want to rank high on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, they need to hire a reputable SEO firm to help them specifically designed their website and web pages so that it scores high on search engines. SEO is an ongoing process because search engines modify how they list websites. 

So companies need to work with SEO firms long-term in order to continue to get great results. When done correctly, traffic to your website will soar because of SEO.

Your Turn

Follow these steps to give your e-commerce site the best chance to compete and succeed. 

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