How Every Individual Can Derive Value From UCIM Pitcher Perfect!

May 22, 2019 at 10:18 // PR
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With numerous events and conferences organized across the globe, round the year, it can be daunting to be at a wrong event where one ends up wasting three essential resources, ie., time, money, and energy. Of course, every individual attending any event is there only to derive maximum value and to make optimum utilization of his resources. Therefore, here’s introducing one such event which has something in store for everyone who attends it, Pitcher Perfect by UCIM.

Pitcher Perfect offers a platform with an intimate setup for startups, pioneers, investors, entrepreneurs, media, et al, to come together under one roof and leverage networking and investment opportunities, strategic partnerships, guidance or knowledge from industry experts. WIth a mission to becoming an ecosystem enabler, empowering innovators and pioneers from diverse industries and building a strong community, Pitcher Perfect kills two birds with one stone! Here’s how anyone attending the event can leverage a range of opportunities and make the most out of it. 


Pitcher Perfect will be inviting 15 startups after carefully scrutinizing their projects and providing them a pitching spot to present their ideas in front of an expert jury and a board of jury consisting of industry experts and high-profile investors.


These projects will be given 5 minutes to pitch and a 2 minutes Q&A round for a deeper understanding of the product, along with an opportunity to hold private meetings for one-on-one interaction with the investors. The projects can seize strategic partnerships, learn about the latest technological trends, and create a strong presence in the community through networking sessions. The event provides them with an easy channel to access contact information and connect with potential investors to aid them with product promotion and marketing. Building a large network, in-person connections and tapping into valuable opportunities is all possible at Pitcher Perfect.

Investors and Industry Experts 

Building a strong community is impossible without having industry experts and high-impact investors on board to enhance the value of an event. Pitcher Perfect is tapping into industries such as fintech, gaming, travel and tourism, insurance, real estate, agritech, healthcare, IT, media and entertainment, and more, to invite some of the most influential and knowledgeable individuals to represent the jury.

Pitcher Perfect offers them an opportunity to connect with several promising projects that are working towards building the future of innovation. Recognizing the right investment opportunities from a pool of ingenious projects is the main agenda of these Hodl-o-nauts and this event provides just that. Further, they get to connect with like-minded visionaries, create an impact, share their knowledge and expert opinions with the nascent projects seeking their invaluable advice. 


Corporate firms and businesses looking for a stage to promote their brand, creating brand awareness and impact should definitely leverage the Pitcher Perfect event. Companies looking for brand placement can connect with other projects, industry experts, media and other companies within the same niche. Businesses attending the event will have access to opportunities for brand repositioning, gaining a competitive edge or increasing sales of a new product. 


Exploring new developments in industries, gathering inspirational success stories and covering a value-driven event is the goal of all media houses. Pitcher Perfect proffers a platform to cover interviews of influential industry leaders, meet ingenious projects and cover the most newsworthy stories. 


Attendees including academic professionals, students, and others can interact and network with leading financiers, impact and institutional investors, policymakers, and academics and learn about new technological innovations including the blockchain technology.

And the icing on the cake is unwinding with a sumptuous dinner and drinks for all those present at Pitcher Perfect!

UCIM has successfully established a community in Singapore and Berlin, kickstarting its journey from Singapore in November 2018, and organizing the first and second edition of Pitcher Perfect at both destinations, respectively. The next destination on Pitcher Perfect’s map is marked as Hong Kong on June 21, with a strong determination to transform their vision into reality. Well, with Pitcher Perfect you can have your cake and eat it too!

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