Trade Volumes Increasing: Challenges, Problems and Solutions

Jan 13, 2020 at 13:59 // PR
Guest Author
Trade volumes increasing

Development of Eurasian logistics market is a subject to some major obstacles. Among them: informational and communicative ones.

The new millennium is foremost marked by globalization processes within all industries including logistics and freight transportation markets. On the one hand global trade volumes increase while on the other hand the market is oriented mostly to major players. Thus, medium and small companies face numerous problems that lead to expenses increasing.

Among the key problems, communicative and informational ones should be pointed out foremost. Infrastructure, legislature problems are important as well but according to the latest trends those ones are being solved step-by-step. Small companies face lack of information referring to hinter continental transportation. Despite the trade volumes increasing the market needs a uniting factor.


The ‘Silk Way’ platform is ready to perform such role moving to a whole new stage opening global markets to medium and small players. AI and blockchain integration will allow making deals in some seconds saving much time and money.

The project sounds like something fantastic: cutting off billions of dollars, decreasing vehicle idle time, uniting more than 250 000 players of the logistic market throughout Eurasia. Investors have still the chance to partake in the project and leaving a mark in history and obtaining much profits.

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