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Dec 30, 2017 at 23:21
ZoZo Coin Joins Digital Distributed Technology Moldova Association for Blockchain Real Estate Investment Projects
Moldova-based ZoZo coin seeks to leverage blockchain technology to boost commerce in the area of Real Estate Investment. ZoZo coin prepare to support up-and-coming entrepreneurs through education projects, and have recently raised money for disaster relief in Vietnam.
Dec 27, 2017 at 18:18
Propy’s New Launch: It is Now Possible to Buy Properties in the US for Bitcoin
Propy, the world’s first international real-estate marketplace, has just launched the alpha open version of its blockchain-based transaction tool. This new transaction tool will allow individuals to buy and sell properties in California using Bitcoin (BTC).
Dec 27, 2017 at 10:25
Seven Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Land
Real estate has always been a good investment, yet problems often arise when purchasing a plot at a prime location in a big city. A tiny piece of land in Paris or London is incredibly expensive and even if you’ve got the money, practically all the top spots are already taken. However, buying artificial land in virtual worlds such as Second Life, Sansar, Decentraland or High Fidelity is not only easy, but also promises to be a profitable trend of the future.
Dec 27, 2017 at 10:13
Caviar’s Leaders Predict What’s Coming for Cryptocurrency and Real Estate in 2018
The cryptocurrency market cap has increased exponentially in the past 12 months, setting a new market cap record this week at over $600 billion. As the world awaits the start of the new year, many questions are in the air around all things crypto from what’s in store for traditional investors jumping into the game to how regulation will impact an overall market that some predict will crash or end up as a bear market in 2018.
Dec 19, 2017 at 14:35
How This Platform Intends to Foster Trust Between Landlords and Tenants
Rentberry is a decentralized rental firm that unites landlords and tenants at one platform with means of blockchain technology. With the well-established business since 2015, this online marketplace facilitates the organized listing of the properties by landlords and prospective bidding by the renters on such listing.
Dec 11, 2017 at 10:57
Caviar Exceeds Pre-Sale Goal of $1.5M, Announces Crowdsale Launch & Financing for First Real Estate Property in December
Caviar’s Crypto + Real Estate in One Token Approach Validated with Investment in Pre-Sale Exceeding Goal, ICO Aims to Raise $25M
Dec 06, 2017 at 14:05
ChronoBank’s Mikhail Savchenko Joins as Advisor to Caviar – Crypto and Real Estate in One Token
Crypto Innovator Joins Caviar Team of Global Advisors, Caviar Pre-Sale Runs until December 7th, Goal to Raise $25 Million
Nov 27, 2017 at 13:52
Rentberry – the Modern Approach to Long-Term Renting
Rentberry was founded in 2015 and has achieved great success in the blockchain industry so far. Rentberry successfully raised $4M from high-profile investors and VC funds from 11 countries and 19 US states. Currently, the platform operates all across the US and has more than 120k users and 224k properties. The company has plans to expand to Europe and Asia in the next few years.
Nov 15, 2017 at 16:54
Prime-Ex Perpetual Blockchain Business Model Is Bringing Real Estate Profits To Homeowners
Until recently, blockchain has been known only to IT specialists as a new form of technology. However, the industry players now realize that blockchain based smart contracts can fundamentally reshape the real estate business and may have a broader impact on home-buyers and sellers. Prime-Ex Perpetual disrupts the existing real estate ecosystem by re-thinking fundamentally how residential real estate is developed, sold, and financed. So, what is its business model? How does the company work?
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