Leading Bitcoin Wallet Provider Bitcoin.com Celebrates 1 Million Downloads, In First 5 Months

Dec 26, 2017 at 11:06 // PR

St-Kitts-based Bitcoin wallet app provider Bitcoin.com has proudly announced a milestone of over 1 million app downloads, since the wallets’ inception in August, 2017.

This week  leading Bitcoin Wallet app provider Bitcoin.com celebrates a milestone of over 1 million wallet downloads since the software was introduced in August. Our developers have added bitcoin cash functionality recently, and our download numbers have exploded after the initial implementation. Interest in cryptocurrency over the past few months has increased our wallet’s growth exponentially, and Bitcoin.com is always striving to be the leading destination for all your digital asset needs.

A Million Wallets Downloaded in Just a Few Months

The multi-cryptocurrency  Bitcoin.com Wallet is growing quite popular as a non-custodial wallet that stores bitcoin core (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH). The client is available for  multiple operating systems including Mac, Windows, Linux, a Google Chrome extension, Android, and Apple’s IOS. The Bitcoin.com Wallet puts users in control of their private keys so they can be sure no third party has access to their funds. Alongside this, the wallet’s  codebase is open source and available on Github for code review. Chief Officer of Operations at Bitcoin.com, Mate Tokay, is thrilled with the million downloads milestone, stating:

“A million wallets downloaded in just a few months is incredible,” explains Tokay. “You can really see how cryptocurrency is growing more popular every day with metrics like these. Additionally, since we added bitcoin cash functionality to our wallet’s software, we’ve seen an intense uptick in user downloads as well. Digital assets are here to stay, and Bitcoin.com wants to help people understand cryptocurrencies, and use them in their everyday lives — The Bitcoin.com Wallet is meant to bolster that vision.”

Creating a New Digital Asset Wallet Using Our Software is Easy and User-Friendly

The  Bitcoin.com Wallet’s digital asset integration is seamless, and users can send and receive both BTC and BCH with ease. For instance to create a bitcoin cash wallet, click “create personal wallet” and choose the “bitcoin cash” button. In a matter of minutes, you will have a non-custodial wallet that allows you to transact with other cryptocurrency participants and merchants.

We expect the cryptocurrency fever to continue, and Bitcoin.com hopes to serve a billion users someday, and such an ambitious goal is helped along with our secure and easy-to-use wallet software. For now, one million downloads in just a few months is a wonderful milestone, showing how the world of finance is changing very quickly. Don’t miss out on the digital asset phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe! Download a  Bitcoin.com Wallet today!

About Bitcoin.com

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Email:  mate@bitcoin.com
Location: Federation of St Kitts and Nevis

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