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Mar 25, 2017 at 12:33 // KCN Videos
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Crypto community chooses a charitable organization

The money of the convicted fraudster will be sent to charity. After ending the trial of Javad Yaqub, the crypto community is asked to choose which non-profit organization will receive a donation of $1000. CoinIdol conducts an open vote on their website, providing a choice of several bitcoin-accepting charity organizations from Bulgaria and the US. Users are asked to report on unscrupulous organizations, and the voting will continue till the first of April, 2017.

Ethereum community vote to reduce reawards for the miner block

Ethereum to decide the future of miners. The ethereum community votes for a reduction reward for mined blocks. The reason was that the growth of reward for block leads to the increase in the total hashing power that is directed at servicing the consensus model of blockchain. It is noteworthy that the number of token holders is bigger, than miners Any user who has Ethereum coins in a wallet, can vote via the CarbonVote platform.

First Digital Liquid Venture Fund

Reconstructing the industry. The world’s financial market meets Blockchain Capital, venture capital investment firm that focuses on companies that use blockchain technology. Company aims to create world’s first Digital Liquid Venture Fund. According to their statement, company will establish “Digital LP”, an absolutely new investment tool. Company raises its fund through the limited partnership called Blockchain Capital Third and Blockchain Capital Third Digital Liquid Venture Fund. It can be purchased for BCAP, a digital token, traded on leading cryptocurrency exchanges. 

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