Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Feb 21

Feb 21, 2017 at 14:44 // KCN Videos
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Crypto voting system to be patented by Fidelity Investments

New voting platform to be introduced by Fidelity. The world's fourth largest mutual fund Fidelity Investments, is looking to patent a method that enables blockchain to be used for authenticating voters and processing fair elections. On the 16th February, the US Patent and Trademark Office released an application for "Crypto Voting and Social Aggregating, Fractionally Efficient Transfer Guidance, Conditional Triggered Transaction, Data structures, Methods and Systems". The application outlines the structure of Fidelity’s crypto-voting system, the components of which include voter authentication, vote processing, a crypto user interface, a blockchain oracle and a smart contract to direct all computational actions.

FinTech association in New Zealand

The development of FinTech in New Zealand. NZTech technology development company and the New Zealand government teamed-up to launch the new technology association last week. Mitchell Pham, tech leader and director of NZTech stated that the setup of a national financial technology in New Zealand will grow the local economy. Mitchell Pham also noted: «This will help to expand connections for our fintech community to grow, which in turn will contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth.»

New blockchain trial in Austria

Blockchain energy trading in Austria. Energy provider Wien Energie, in collaboration with blockchain developer BTL Group focuses on energy trading with a new blockchain trial. The representatives of companies noted that trial would find the solutions that are commercially viable and able to reduce the cost of energy. CEO of Wien Energie Michael Strebl stated: «Blockchain technology is a further digitization trend in the energy industry. We want to make use of the technology and its chances for our customers and us». The trial is expected to last from March to May of this year.

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