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Jan 24, 2017 at 11:52 // KCN Videos
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Launching the Bitcoin App Abra

Launching of the global digital cash network in the next month. Upon the launch of Abra, users will be able to send and receive money in over 50 currencies, includes Bitcoin. The startup Abra raised $14 million in Series A funding round from venture firms, including Arbor Ventures, RRE Ventures and First Round Capital. Abra has already launched its application in the Philippines and the United States and got a large remittance market of over $500 billion.

Bloсkchain could change the global financial system

Bloсkchain could change the global financial system. The Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen said about this during the speech at the forum of the Commonwealth Club. Earlier, at a meeting of the representatives of 90 central banks in Washington Yellen called on her colleagues from the central banks of other countries begin to explore new financial technologies more actively. 

Attitude of African society towards Bitcoin

The economic situation of the continent has effect to use of Bitcoin. Most people in rural Africa can not afford a laptop, smartphone or the Internet to read the news about Bitcoin and use it in their lives. Coinidol.com spoke to George Sagala, the president of e-Currency, he said: “The problem in Africa is fundamental development is not yet realized”. The working class do not trust the stability of the bitcoin and see the cryptocurrency as an experiment which can vanish at any time.

Overstock TØ platform acquires market data firm

The purchasing of Blue Ocean Financial Technology firm was in the plans of TØ for improving informational services. The Blue Ocean Financial Technology from Singapore,is a data service provider, with a special focus on delivering information related to US securities issuers. TØ president Joe Cammarata said in an interview for CoinDesk: “This concept is the first of its kind, and has already attracted the attention of several large market-making clients.”

Dubai will digitize all documents with Blockchain

The one of the world’s most technically advanced cities. Dubai and Blockchain Company are partnering up for an interesting project meant to place all of the city’s government documents and transactions on a blockchain platform. In a recent press statement, the CEO of Blockchain, Peter Smith mentioned that: “I am very optimistic about the Middle East, and we plan to invest big there”. Let us know in the comment, what do you personally think about the partnership between Governments and blockchain companies.
Write in the comments, what are your thoughts about the partnership between Dubai’s Government and the Blockchain company.

OpenBazaar raises $3 mln

3 million dollars for blockchain-powered eBay. OpenBazaar, the open-source marketplace protocol powered by bitcoin, have raised $3m in new funding. OpenBazaar connecting buyers and sellers directly through an application-based marketplace. According to coindesk.com, instead of PayPal or credit cards, the market utilizes bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

Card Games Coin project ICO

New approach to games - full ownership of game items. Card Games Coin Project has launched the crowdfunding. CGC Project game engine is designed to be a general purpose core for several modules, each defining a specific game behavior. Minimum investment allowed is 0.0102 BTC. Official release reports - Money collected with this crowdfunding will be used for financing software development: in a future release CGC currency will be used as an in-game means of exchange.

Imperial College London collaborates with Blockchain

Imperial College London is adopting blockchain. Imperial College London in collaboration with Blockchain sets up Digital Asset Research Lab. The new Research Lab will allow the graduate students of Imperial College to get a better understanding of blockchain technology. The students will be involved in research and development, so will be more prepared to handle the demanding requirement for blockchain-based solutions across a variety of industries. 

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