Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Dec 29

Dec 29, 2016 at 11:34
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More bits by BitcoinGet

More bits by BitcoinGet. An incredible year for Bitcoin is bearing fruit. BitcoinGet is an online platform which allows users to earn satoshi while completing different tasks. As by the end of the year, the number of daily active users grow by about 50% in 2016 – official website bitcoinget.com reports. Company announced new, higher-paying tasks available to anyone from all over the world. Moreover, as a holiday gift, BitcoinGet is giving away free 200 bits to users, who send direct message on Facebook or Twitter mentioning the post on blog, along with BTC address registered on BitcoinGet or CoinRebates.

Winter Cup «Winterbasketbattle-E-Dinar Coin-2017»

Sport in the participants' lives thanks to cryptocurrency. Community of ecological decentralized cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin actively promoting a healthy lifestyle to the masses. Official site edinarcoin.com reports - in Kharkiv, Ukraine, basketball tournament «Winterbasketbattle-E-Dinar Coin-2017" took place.

Coinify & Bcash allow people to buy Bitcoin with cards

One more platform to make buying of Bitcoins easier. Coinify, the cryptocurrency based payment solution provider has announced a new strategic partnership with Bcash. Newsbtc.com reports, the new partnership allows Bcash — one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges in Greece to offer card payment option to its customers and will benefit not only Greek but the whole European Bitcoin community.

ThisIsMe from South African start to use blockchain

The blockchain will provide high-quality services for identity verification in South Africa. ThisIsMe, a firm, which specializes on providing services to verify the identity, wants to start using the blockchain in the early 2017. According to the chief executive, Mark's Chirnside, this innovation improves the work of ThisIsMe. 

Tradeshift got a funding from the Santander

Fintech company Tradeshift found a new approach to the management of business processes. Tradeshift, Danish network that focused on connecting buyers and suppliers, for now supports a lot of the businesses over than in 200 countries of the world. CEO of network, Christian Lanng commented for BusinessInsider: “We will take a small fee for providing data, and we will obviously help place the funding with firms who have the need.”

Blockchain for ride – project of Arcade City

Digital currency as payment for ride. Arcade City, peer-to-peer network, which provides the ability to pay for a travel by its tokens. Arcade City platform have a two ways - one for a ride, where person buy a tokens, to create an offer and proposes an amount for a ride; and second for a drive, where person counts money and decides - does the request suits. Passenger pays just in fact when the ride is over.

Cryptocurrency in ATM's by UQUID and VISA

The ability to withdraw cryptocurrency from ATM, when using debit card. VISA, the multinational company for payment transactions, in partnership with UQUID, the payment system, introduced aт Ethereum debit card, which you can use for converting cryptocurrency in real money and then withdraw it's from ATM's.

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