Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Dec 26

Dec 26, 2016 at 12:01
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Hard-fork will greatly improve the E-Dinar wallets

New improvements for more comfortable use. The second stage of E-Dinar Coin hard-fork has been already launched - official website of E-DinarCoin reported. The app was improved using a few new features, which can be tried while updating the mobile app and remove previous version. “Mining” features will be available just for active users of E-Dinar wallet.

Total anonymity by Spectrecoin

A new concept for total security and anonymity on the blockchain. Newsbtc.com reports – Spectrecoin, superior anonymous cryptocurrency in its own right, is building an Android wallet that will act as a stepping stone for the small remittance app, that will deliver the ability to conduct global anonymous cash transfers. The Spectrecoin wallet differs from the typical cryptocurrency wallets in that it is based around HTML, much like a website.

Bitcoin ATMs in Vietnam by EasyBit (w\ BitAccess)

Platform Stratis added to the program Microsoft Azure BaaS

The blockchain as a service. Stratis platform, which provides a set of tools for development on the blockchain - the last project what was added to the Microsoft Azure BaaS Stratis. The project will offer private consultations, and will provide all the necessary tools to research new technologies.

Legambiente and Helperbit helps in disaster management

Bitcoin to fight the consequences of natural disasters. Legambiente, first nonprofit organization in Italy and Helperbit, the platform of insurance in case of natural disasters, have joined forces in a project called "LA RINASCITA HA IL CUORE GIOVANE". The aim of the project is the adoption bitcoins for the provision of financial support to young entrepreneurs affected by the disaster.

Chosun: cash it’s no more advisable

Bitcoin may replace the fiat money in South Korea. As bits.media reports, the Chosun network’s explore showed that in terms of the 21st century, the implementation of financial transactions using cash is not a popular method, people are using the banking system or alternative financial system more often. South Korea has resorted the bitcoin using, so by 2020, plans for demonetization of money in the country are finalized.

The S7 and Alpha Bank did the first payment by blockchain

The blockchain technology conquering Russia. S7 Airlines in partnership with Alpha Bank conducted a transaction using a blockchain. This calculation was did with one of the contractors with use the letter of credit based on smart-contract, where the first contract was used for open and second for close the transaction. Alpha Bank and S7 announced about continuing of future partnerships and implementation of smart-contract system for optimize business processes and improve the efficiency of document management.

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