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Dec 22, 2016 at 09:48 // KCN Videos
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Ether Camp`s Vitrual Accelerator Launches Hacker Gold HKG

Official token of the second generation version of the hackathon platform. The Virtual Accelerator, currently the second generation version of the hackathon platform, launched a new token – Hacker Gold (HKG) used in signifying the best projects participating in the event. According to the newsbtc.com, Hacker Gold will be available for 4 weeks before the hackathon starts and ending after the 5 weeks of the event are complete. The only way to purchase Hacker Gold will be on the open market when the Virtual Accelerator opens to new entrants through future hackathon.

NASA will consider the project of sending bitcoins to Mars

Cryptocoins can conquer outer space. Roman Koshlyak, a former Facebook software engineer and current CEO of Troider, filed a petition to NASA to hold an experiment “sending a bitcoin currency to Mars". According to expert, if in a near future we can colonize a Mars as a planet for life, basic economic platform and own digital currency would need to arise. Traditional bank account will not work, because an internet connection to earth would be scarce, while bitcoin and cryptocoins can deal with this. So this experiment in future can solve a few problems humanity, such as survival of the our species and overpopulation. 

GABI - the first bitcoin fund on British stock exchange

Channel Islands Securities Exchange becomes home to the bitcoin-fund. Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) became the first bitcoin-fund which can participate in trading on the British stock exchange, forklog.com reports. The head of the GABI Daniel Masters commented this fact: “Now is the best time for such action. Besides, bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency market. GABI provides professional management of risks associated with bitcoin-assets and offers tools that provide a full range of services”.

The Ministry of Justice of Georgia will shift to blockchain

The country on blockchain. Georgia is technically ready for the transfer of documents flow to blockchain. The documents of the various transactions and real estate data will be transferred to blockchain first. The shift to blockchain will begin in 2017. Countries such as Australia, China and the United Arab Emirates previously announced similar plans.

First blockchain bank payment by BNP Paribas

Fast and secure payments for clients. Reuters.com reports - France's BNP Paribas had processed its first live payments in various currencies for two corporate clients via blockchain technology. BNP Paribas also stated: "The payments were fully processed and cleared in a few minutes highlighting the real potential of this innovative technology which eliminates delays, unexpected fees and processing errors, paving the way for real time cash management".

Blockchain against the bureaucracy in China

Blockchain against the bureaucracy China is planning to shift the payment of benefits to vulnerable sections of the population in 2017. Thus, the Chinese authorities want to eliminate intermediaries in the chain of payments and to make clear statements. The project is a part of a social project based on blockchain.

E-Dinar Coin provides assistance to the Chinese gardeners

A possibility to buy delicious oranges from the Chinese''s mountains using the cryptocurrency. E-Dinar Coin together with Jiang Zuomeng company created the project, which helps Chinese gardeners to sell the fruits from Chinese spaces, E-Dinar Coin official website reports. 5 pounds of oranges costs 60 yuans and can be paid using the cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin for faster order fulfillment. At the moment, the harvest season of oranges is opened, and E-Dinar Coin invites you to enjoy the sweet taste of oranges from the LAN mountain.

Warning for Zcash users

Your computer may be a potential target for hackers. Zcash, is the cryptocurrency which appeared not so long ago, but already is believed to be more anonymous than the long-standing bitcoin. Like other different new interesting things, Zcash attracted the attention not only interested in cryptocurrency people's, but also hacker's. - Hackread report. While founder and CEO of Zcash, Zooko Wilcox commented: “We recommend for security companies, like Kaspersky, to detect this kind of activity and to prevent, their software should alert users when potentially malicious software is will be found, and give the user the option of shutting it down their”.

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