December 12,
The First DLT Platform to Appear on AWS

R3’s Corda is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to the official blog site of R3, the company’s Corda DLT platform is available for AWS users to build and deploy applications for finance and commerce. Besides, it is also possible to use current CorDapps application of R3’s Corda. David E. Rutter, CEO of R3 remarked that this experience is a turning point for the company. Regarding this he said: ‘’Corda’s strength comes from its vibrant ecosystem of interoperable applications, and extending the pool of potential developers to the vast network of Amazon Web Services users will spark further innovation amongst businesses building innovative DLT apps for finance and commerce.’’ R3’s Corda platform removes costly friction in business transactions and ensuring high levels of security and privacy.

Automatic Exchange of Digital Currency From Bank of America

Exchange of cryptocurrencies will be easier. The Bank of America, American financial conglomerate were given a unique right regarding the system of automatic cryptocurrencies exchange, the US Patents and Trademarks Office informed about it. It is planned that the automatic exchange system mechanism will consist of several parts: user account and collection cryptocurrency exchange account. The new system will track illegal transactions. Illegal transactions will be indicated as with maximum risk index indicators.

Show-Business Supports Monero

The popularity of new cryptocurrency is growing. 45 famous performers, among them: Roger Walters, Alice Cooper, HIM, Judas Priest, Slayer, Marilyn Manson decided to sell their albums to fans for the Monero cryptocurrency. The project of selling albums for digital money was called Project Coral Reef. Navin Jane, the founder of this idea says, that the only obstacle to the wider distribution of digital currency is the underdeveloped infrastructure of cryptology. To solve this issue, the developers of the project agreed on cooperation with online shopping sites.

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December 11,
Azerbaijan Watching Cryptocurrencies Closely

Discussing the innovative technologies in Azerbaijan. Elman Rustamov, the chairman of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan clarified their attitude towards cryptocurrencies. He cited that the central bank will remain conservative regarding cryptocurrencies and for now does not recognize cryptocurrencies as a legitimate means of payment. Also the central bank intends to develop a legislative infrastructure before introducing the technology. Rustamov added: ‘’The Central Bank of Azerbaijan is looking for studying blockchain technology and its future use in the financial and banking sector and even in public services for the residents in future. Regarding this, we have already started negotiations with leading consulting companies. I think that at the first stage, we must create stable technological and legislative infrastructure, and then start introducing this technology.’’

Partnership for Green Mining

Less energy consuming and more profit through green mining. Digital currency mining, which is very profitable today, however, requires high energy consumption. Owing to the necessity of eco-friendly, green mining, Cointed, an Austrian-based start-up and GPU manufacturer Nvidia made partnership. In this purpose, the performance of the hardware and GPU boxes has been optimized, the devices have been replaced by a cooler 'heat sink' instead of a fan, and the motherboards have been made more compatible with the other components to prevent overheating. It is planned that the cooperation will play an important role in reducing energy consumption use and increasing productivity.

Reality Will Unite with the Virtual World at the Discussion Panel

Experts in the innovation field will discuss the digital development of the planet. The Blockchain and Mixed Reality Panel will be held on December 15, in NYC. The initiator of the event is the Arcona project, a blockhain-ecosystem augmented reality. The participants will discuss the impact of blockchain technology, the development and formation of a mixed reality and trends of the world by 2020. Among the speakers of the event: George Popescu, CEO and co-founder of the company engaged in smart development, Lampix; Dana Farbo, executive director of the Augmate Internet of things and James Haft, founder of the consulting company Pacific Alliance.

Voting in Moscow Will be Conducted With Blockchain

Blockchain will protect the results of the open referendum. The authorities of Moscow are planning to use the blockchain for voting system "Active citizen", the platform of open e-referendums. New developments are designed to reduce the risk of fraud in voting, thanks to this, any network member will be able to verify the correctness of the voting and counting of votes. Andrei Belozerov, Deputy Director of the Information Technologies Department of Moscow said, that Moscow is ready to introduce blockchain technology and its use in the platform of "Active citizen" is an opportunity to assess how it is capable of accomplishing similar tasks.

The Future Issuance of Government-Backed Cryptocurrency in Canada

A new round of development of the Canadian financial market. The Central Bank of Canada is exploring the possibility of creating its own digital currency. The paper published by the Bank of Canada's Office of Financial Institutions Management notes the main advantages and disadvantages of this step. The authors of this report are Ben Fug, the director of the Bank of Canada, and Walter Angert, the former director of the Financial Institutions of Canada, currently the Senior Research Advisor of Payments Canada. The report says, that the adoption of the new payment method will greatly simplify competition in the payments sphere, will make the storage of funds safer.

Bitcoin Scholarship in Bulgarian Business School

The Varna University of Management (VUM), one of the largest business schools in Bulgaria, announced the granting of ten scholarships in bitcoins to students who applied for scholarships in cryptocurrency. Each student will be allocated a sum equivalent to €1,000. The university administration stated: "Bitcoin gives great opportunities for the development of innovations and we want our students to take part in this digital revolution. Cryptocurrency is able to create a completely new industry and thousands of new jobs in our city and Bulgaria as a whole."

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