October 20,
Ten accounts of cryptocurrency companies are closed by Singapore banks

Banks of Singapore closed accounts of about ten crypto-currency companies. According to Bloomberg, accounts of ten crypto companies are now closed in banks of Singapore. The head of the Singapore Association of Crypto-Currency and Stockbreeding Anson Ziel said that this situation is inexplicable and asked the country's authorities to intervene in the problem. The Central Bank of Singapore (MAS) said that it will not interfere with the commercial decisions of individual banks and stressed that the responsibility for setting working protocols lies with the banks themselves, which is necessary to comply with the rules of protection against fraud. Note that the crypto exchange CoinHako announced the closure of its account in DBS Bank, announcing to its customers that it suspends trading for several weeks. Accounts were closed shortly after the publication of MAS, which stated that digital tokens that differ from digital currencies can be classified as securities. 

ECB Chief on cryptocurrency regulations
October 18,
Lawyer from Nebraska will accept payment in cryptocurrencies

Lawyer Matt McKeever will soon begin to accept cryptocurrencies. According to CoinDesk, the lawyer previously asked the Nebraska State Ethics Council to accept bitcoins as payment to lawyers. The eight-member body, appointed by the State Supreme Court, said that any accepted crypto-conversions should immediately be converted into US dollars. One of the elements of this decision was the call to use wallets with several options for storing funds. Now, Matt McKeever said that his firm Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht is introducing an official policy of accepting cryptocurrency as payment. At present, it is not clear when this practice will officially start accepting cryptocurrencies.

Japanese travel company has started taking bitcoin-payments

One of the largest travel agencies in Japan, H.I.S. has started taking bitcoin-payments. As reported by, payments in some of its stores H.I.S. takes through the country's largest bitcoin-exchange Bitflyer from the end of September. The amount of the transaction for purchases is limited to the equivalent of 2 million yen. In addition, the company also offers some exclusive tourist packages dedicated to bitcoin. For example, the package "Seoul 3 days" costs 16,800 yen, and the package "Hawaii 5 days" goes to 69,800 yen during the promotion.

In Burger King you can get a cryptocurrency for buying a hamburger

Representatives of the fast food chain Burger King were summoned to the Moscow prosecutor's office. As reported by CoinIdol, Burger King recently announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency - "Whoppercoin", to the prosecutor's office representatives of the fast food chain called to explain the origin of the digital currency and how it can be used. According to the representative of Burger King, prosecutors reminded that only operations in rubles operate in Russia, and asked the first to write an official statement that the company did not conduct a mass production of "Whoppercoins". However, the senior legal counsel of Burger King in Russia, Nino Tsiklauri, is confident that they have not violated the law, since the concept of "cryptocurrency" is not yet defined in Russian legislation. In addition, Burger King announced that they now offer their own cryptocurrency, launched on the Waves blockchain platform, in August 2017. Every visitor to Burger King who bought a “Whopper” hamburger can get Whoppercoin, after which he will have to send a photo of the check with the paid order and the address of his cryptocurrency purse for enrolling Whoppercoins.

ECB Chief on cryptocurrency regulations

European Central Bank has no power to regulate cryptocurrencies. It was claimed by Mario Draghi, ECB President, during Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament. It was ECB Chıef’s comment ın reply to the Committee members’ question about intentions to issue a regulatory document on accepting or banning cryptocurrencies. According to his words, they are tryıng to assess the cryptocurrency ımpact on economy of EU.

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Buy residence via Bitcoin in the capital of Turkey
October 13,
IBM beats Microsoft in using blockchain technology

IBM most successfully applies the technology solutions of the blockchain. As cites Cointelegraph, it became known during the research of the "Blockchain Enterprise Survey" conducted by the research firm Juniper Research.The company report says that four hundred middle managers and IBM were opposed to such industry giants as Microsoft and Accenture. Drew a hopeful picture of the future of the blockchain, 67% said that they had already invested more than $ 100 thousand in technology, and 91% said they would spend that amount on an investment in 2017. Also note, that the report says that the last year the level of awareness of the blockchain technology has risen sharply among consumers.

Ukraine approved the concept of electronic government

The concept of e-government development has been approved in Ukraine. As writes on his Facebook page the first Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for Electronic Governance of Ukraine Aleksey Vyskub, the country's government has approved the concept until 2020. Changes should occur in 3 directions: modernization of public services, modernization of public administration and the development of e-government. "By the end of this year, the introduction of the MobileID service is planned, which will make electronic identification more popular among citizens. The key tasks remain filling the single demographic register and issuing ID-cards with EDS ... ", - notes Vyskub. In addition, Ukraine is implementing the Estonian decentralized data exchange system X-Road.

Buy residence via Bitcoin in the capital of Turkey

In a real estate project in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, apartments will be able to be bought via bitcoin, as Coin-Turk reports. Erdal Dalbadan, the project management firm owner says, that accepting payment via bitcoin for buying apartments will be great opportunity for those who are interested and who want to evaluate the gainings in this system. He admıtted that the reason of such a decision is digital currencies becomıng an element that can no longer be ignored by the global economy. Digital currencies has recently been used in real estate selling, as examples came from Dubai and Czechia.

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October 12,
Swiss Telecom launches new blockchain-business

A new business object focused on the blockchain in Switzerland. According to CoinDesk, Swisscom, a major state-owned telecommunications provider, has created Swisscom Blockchain AG according to new reports to focus on a wide range of services in the field of this tech. These are solutions aimed at corporations and supporting companies that want to start working with ICO. This happened a few months after the company joined the Hyperleger project. "We want to provide support as a catalyst with expertise, experience and implementation skills”, - Swisscom's Johannes Höhener said in December.

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