Czech National Bank is not against cryptocurrencies
August 17,
Australian senators ask to embrace bitcoin

The voice of bitcoin in Australian Parliament. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, senators from both labor and liberal sides, called the Reserve Bank of Australia to embrace the bitcoin and blockchain technology. The senators from opposite parties decided to choose a bipartisan way on that topic. The push came from Labor Senator Sam Dastyari and Liberal Senator Jane Hume, after the bitcoin price soared to $4000. Senator Dastyari claimed that the digital currency had now become a serious financial player and Australia risked being left behind if it did not pursue developing its own official cryptocurrency and blockchain to use on the market.

60 cryptocurrencies as payment at online store

Blockchain startup ShapeShift has made partnership with an online retail giant company Overstock. As Coindesk portal states, the partnership will allow the clients of the retail giant company to use more than 60 cryptocurrencies for payment. ShapeShift allows digital currencies to be easily converted between different coin types in a matter of seconds. The move further comes at a time of broader diversification in the cryptocurrency market. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne explained the decision as one that gives its customers greater freedoms outside of the traditional financial system and keeps it in line with new developments in the blockchain market.

Fujitsu deploys blockchain business model

The Japanese technology giant Fujitsu is planning to deploy multiple blockchain business models. As Fujistu announced on its website, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed technology to speed up transaction processing by making the processing of communications between applications and the blockchain platform. In a trial where this technology was implemented in Hyperledger Fabric, it increased transaction performance by approximately 2.7 times compared to the previous method. One of the Fujistu spokesman pointed that the company does not plan to use the technology in a single business model, but the plan is about using it in various ways. 

Czech National Bank is not against cryptocurrencies

Czech National Bank attitudes positively towards cryptocurrencies. According to the article on the Czech National Bank website, Vice-President of the CNB, Mojmir Hampl states, that there is no need to be afraid of bitcoin and other independent currencies. According to him, the cornerstone of the economy is the dynamism. Hampl thinks that the economy requires more unorthodox policies. Prague is a home to a strong community of cryptocurrency supporters, many users of digital currency see it as a viable alternative to the current monetary system. 

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Blockchain technology now involved in education
August 16,
Thailand’s commercial bank to use blockchain

One of the largest commercial banks of Thailand, Kasikorn Bank (KBank) will use blockchain technology to digitize the financial contracts. As coindesk reports, Thailand-based commercial KBank is planning to digitize the letter-of-guarantee contracts, instead of paper-based letters. The bank will refer to a new blockchain solution developed with IBM. With this act, the bank aims to provide more transparent and secure service for its’ clients. As the process takes time, Kbank is planning to digitize 35 percent of total amount of the contracts by end of this year. 

Switzerland - cryptocurrency friendly country

Swissquote joined the fury of crypto world. Swissquote announced the launch of bitcoin trading service. As coinidol reports, Swissquote, leader of the Switzerland’s online banking service announced its partnership with Bitstamp, to offer BTC exchange with Euro and USD. The CEO of Swissquote, Mark Bürki explains that the company step through the world of bitcoin and they need a partner that they could rely on. Now, Bitstamp is providing a full-stack solution for all of Swissquote's requirements. Company has its headquarters in Gland, Switzerland and offices in Zürich, Bern, Dubai, Malta, Hong Kong and London.

Wikileaks to accept Zcash as donations

WikiLeaks now accepts contributions via Zcash and Monero cryptocurrencies. According to Coindesk, Wikileaks, a non-profit media-group has stated on its twitter, on starting to accept two privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies as donations. Thus Wikileaks has expanded the list of supported cryptocurrencies to four, now it is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash and Monero. These cryptocurrencies were selected after the survey in which over 12 thousand users participated. Should be noted that cryptocurrency donations are becoming more popular, as wikileaks bitcoin wallet has already received over 26,000 transaction. 

Blockchain technology now involved in education

Blockchain will keep education data safe. As reported by Coindesk, Sony and IBM has designed a new educational blockchain solution for sharing and saving student records. The product is supposed to be launched by Sony next year. According to the announcement, SONY is considering both primary and higher educational establishments to be users of the new product. Masaaki Isozu, the president of Sony Global Education claimed that the technology has potential in every sector and the educational is no exception. As noted in the statement, Sony will continue exploring the use of blockchain in different fields. 

Prospects for the issuance of the Chile’s cryptocurrency

Chile is still far away from issuing its cryptocurrency. As coindesk reports, the head of National Bank of Chile, Mario Marcel, gave a speech in the UK on June 29. His speech touched the subjects of the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for financial sector use. He explained that even though the creation of the digital currency may be beneficial, still such a digital currency launch is likely to take a long time given the technical challenges and may still be many years away. As it’s known, some other countries, like England and Canada have already issued its own cryptocurrencies. 

Disclaimer. These videos are brought to you by in partnership with Koles Coin News Channel. This information is provided by a third-party source and should not be viewed as an endorsement by CoinIdol. Readers should do their own research before investing funds in any company. 

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