Industrial Mining of 2019: Where is Money?

Mar 10, 2019 at 14:23 // PR
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The second international forum on cryptocurrency mining, TerraCrypto, will take place in Moscow on March 14, 2019, at Startup-Center Moscow, Dukhovskoy Lane, 17 building 4, at 10.00-19.00.

The beginning of 2019 gave hope to investors and owners of digital mining farms. The big turn of cryptocurrency rates or rather fiat money has not happened yet, but the market movement has inspired many enthusiasts. There were hundreds of messages in communities and chats. Startups try to grope a way of a whip-round through carrying out ICO and similar instruments of international financial marketing. Traders with inspiration discuss the possible strategy of earnings at the silent market. The woken-up market, possible fountains of money in 2019 will also be a principal theme of TerraCrypto on March 14. 

TerraCrypto mining

Within the business program, we will discuss the latest changes and trends of development in the mining industry, and its profitability in 2019-2020. 

Among the speakers are Yulia Fetisova (a representative of the BITMAIN company), CEO Electro.Farm Global, Kirk Su with a subject "Mining in China from the first person", Vladimir Popov (The founder of Synergis, the author of the First book on ICOs, and a miner since 2012), Alexander Peresichan (SEO TECHNOBIT), Maxim Nikolaev (the CEO, co-founder ASTRA), Vasily Bannikov (the specialist of GROUP-IB) Vladimir Shampur (the IT director of the company of "Kriptoyunivers") both other Russian and international mining specialists, to blockchain technology and trading. 

Reports and discussions in will mention: 

● Innovations in mining: look from within; 

● Mining as entrepreneurship: from what amount it is possible to earn? 

● There are more money from the invested rubles in the equipment; 

● Where and how effectively to invest electronic money; 

● Technical unit; 

● Industrial mining: requirements of new reality; 

● Efficiency and liquidity; 

● Financial model of cryptocurrency mining on the example of bitcoin; 

● Taxes and other subtleties of the legislation for mining in the CIS;

● Software solutions for the increase in profitability of mining; 

● Safe investments and to ska. A difference in examples; 

● Threats for miners and as to resist to them; 

● Risk hedging in mining. As it is correct to consider economy; 

● FPGA - who is he this secret player in Proof-Of-Work. 

The site of action will consist of two separate zones. In the conference room there will be speeches and subsequent discussions, and in the exhibition zone, a number of the leading Russian and foreign producers and distributors of the mining equipment will submit decisions.

Such leaders of the industry as Bitmain, Bitfiry, Rawpool, CryptoUniverse, BIXBIT, Rawpool, Sigmapool, SUEX and Mskminer act as partners of the forum.

At TerraCrypto we wait for investors, owners and the heads mining farms, specialists, engaged in the development of technical, software and power solutions, representatives of the companies, producers and suppliers of the equipment, traders, lawyers, media representatives and bloggers.

The organizer of TerraCrypto 2019, the Six Touches Team company, handles the manual selection of speakers and guests. Key subjects which we develop: blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, businesses in a stage a startup, investments into business, business performance. In 2018 the company held the international forum "BlockchainExpoFarm", a pitch session of ICO projects of TerraCrypto, a session of investment meetings InvestMe in Kazan and TerraMining in Moscow. 

Venue: Startup-Center Moscow Dukhovskoy Lane, 17 building 4, Moscow, Russia, 115191. 

Beginning time: 10:00 

Information and registration: 

Official Internet resources of a forum: 

Facebook: @sixtouches 

Instagram: @sixtouches_team 


Accreditation of media: 


Phone: 7 926 207 16 55

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