Fit&Funky Starts Selling Fitness Apparel for VEROS Cryptocurrency

Mar 15, 2017 at 11:03 // PR

Fit&Funky, the Swiss dance-fitness company, has started accepting VEROS cryptocurrency on its online shopping portal.

March 14, 2017, Singapore – Fit&Funky customers can now buy dance fitness clothes online with VEROS cryptocurrency. The European company, operating since 2013 is entering the Asian market with its fitness services. Fit&Funky specializes in dance workout routines that combine all key elements of a balanced training which include aerobic warm up, intense choreographed bodyweight exercise, dance moves and stretching.

The outfits on Fit&Funky web-portal and social media platforms are designed and supplied by GFit, a Malaysian fitness event organizer, and workout gear designer. GFit is a lifetime partner and distributor for Fit&Funky since 2017.

Fit&Funky and GFit, with plans for global expansion, find alternative payment methods like cryptocurrencies as great opportunities for further growth. Exploring the use of cryptocurrencies, GFit has become one of the first merchants to accept VEROS (VRS) for goods earlier this year. Fit&Funky follows GFit’s footsteps by beginning to accept VRS payments on its online shop, starting March 2017.

Explaining the rationale behind VEROS acceptance, Navanita Sgambato — one of the founders of Fit&Funky said,

“Our fitness clients represent a huge network, in which the boundaries like age, gender, and social status do not exist. The VEROS community also resonates with this idea and presents a great chance for us to enter the global market seamlessly”

Cryptocurrency VEROS is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is extremely safe and efficient. It aims to achieve a massive user adoption with the aid of its core features such as transparency, security, ease of use and high compatibility with other platforms and payment gateways. The development team behind VEROS based in Romania and Singapore is extremely open-minded and receptive to fruitful collaborations.

VEROS intends to achieve its goal of mass adoption by using Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS) platform. COSS platform encompasses all the features of a digital economical system. Launching officially in April 2017, the VEROS fueled COSS platform aims to shape the foundation for a community of cryptocurrency users comprising of companies, startups, employers, employees, traders and gamblers in what promises to be a very viable market.

From February 15, 2017, till March 7, 2017, the GFit team has already organized 15 events in Singapore and Malaysia, featuring Fit&Funky on their Asian tour. One of the tour’s highlights was the Fit&Funky Fitness Party held on March 4, 2017, in Johor Bahru, Malaysia at Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club. The event sealed the partnership between VEROS, GFit, and Fit&Funky. As a part of this partnership, the latter will soon include VEROS payment method to its online shop.

About Fit&Funky

Fit&Funky™ is a dance-fitness company founded in Switzerland, promoting funky dance workouts with an all-in-one training concept. More details about the company’s Asian tour are available on Fit&Funky Asia Facebook page and website.

About GFit

GFit is a fitness event host and organizer headquartered in Malaysia. GFit designs and manufactures its own fitness apparel which can be bought with VEROS cryptocurrency. GFit fitness garments can be purchased here.


Launched on 2016, VEROS is a secure and transparent cryptocurrency, implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. VEROS is designed specifically for massive adoption and everyday use.

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