Do Crypto Casinos Really Offer Thousands of Games?

Jul 28, 2021 at 10:25 // PR
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Cryptocurrency casinos have realized that a perfect way to lure cryptocurrency players into the fold is to claim to provide thousands of games on the platform. Many cryptocurrency casinos claim to give access to over 2,000 to 3,000 casino games, including the latest NetEnt and Microgaming slots, progressive jackpots, and live dealer games.

But how many of these casinos rise to the claim? Is it true that cryptocurrency casinos offer thousands of games? Do you have as many options as they claim? Find out the details in our guide.

There are that many games

While some cryptocurrency casinos bluff about it, top cryptocurrency casinos like provide that many games. On average, a certified and trusted online cryptocurrency casino usually offers around 2,500 casino games. But there's a catch. This alleged number of game offerings is often considering all the games from all the software providers and their variations, ai.e., multiple tables of the same titles that can be played in any country, even if it's the same.

Some may be region-specific

While there are so many games to choose from on paper, you might come to discover that a lot of these games are not available in your region. Some of the games on the platforms are indeed specific to certain regions. This drops your options when you think about it. Look at NetEnt games, for example. NetEnt games can't be played in Scandinavia- and that's just one example of many from a single software provider.

Other games may not be cryptocurrency-friendly

Of this sheer number of games, you might also come to discover that not all of these games are cryptocurrency-friendly. A good number of them can only be wagered with FIAT, and even so, the ones that are crypto-friendly might not be too friendly to other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, out of 2,500 games, only 200 might be Litecoin-friendly. Don't be surprised to discover that all the games in a cryptocurrency casino might not be Litecoin-friendly. If you intend to play with Litecoins, then you're in for a tough run.

Some do not permit BTC wagers

We advise that you also prepare your mind to understand that even as Bitcoin remains the most popular and most accepted cryptocurrency asset in the world, the majority of the games in your casino might not be so Bitcoin-friendly. At the end of the day, when you count the number of BTC-friendly games on your casino's table, you might come to realize that of the 2,000 or more games listed, you can only wager a few hundreds of them.

Some casinos really do

If the number of game offerings is the only reason you intend to join a casino, you're in for a huge surprise. It's best to know that despite the promise of thousands, you might only be able to make do with a few hundred. Try not to forget your priorities: security over game offerings. Play at reputable casinos like, not just casinos that offer you the highest number of games.

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