Cryptelo Launches a Sharing Data Platform Backed Up by Ethereum

Mar 10, 2018 at 08:02 // PR
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Cryptelo launches a sharing data platform

Cryptelo has developed a pioneering software solution for business communications with a highest possible level of security. It has launched a data sharing platform backed up by Ethereum. Ethereum is a blockchain based decentralized public platform with smart contract functionality.

Cryptelo platform has security focussed architecture and it offers global vital services like encrypted data storing key management, and communication to achieve high-security standard for proper data exchange in the current digital era. Cryptelo is continuously evolving based on growing demand for data security, confidentiality and transparency. Cryptelo is also offering the Cryptelo Drive as a premium product which is intended explicitly for B2B sales. It delivers an encrypted digital drive for businesses to collaborate, exchange and access their data through a desktop application.

Encryption as a service (EaaS) is approximately $20 billion industry with average annual growth of 30 percent. With EaaS technology a single service provider can be utilized to encrypt data securely on many cloud-based platforms or devices, anywhere anytime. This technology is used to achieve advanced software libraries, customer applications, complete transparency and safety features to offer a guarantee original data. Cryptelo platform is all set to offer advance EaaS services. Cryptelo uses a blockchain technology to offer a platform where applied protocols itself can guarantee data security without any effort from server software or businesses or users.

Blockchain & Cryptelo

Every piece of information is saved as a record on the blockchain system with a unique ID which is represented as a hash. Records are linked with each other by inserting last record ID in the new records to create a chain like formation. These blockchains can help users to verify if the chain had not been forked by confirming the existence of two child records with identical parent ID.

It will help in verifying if the chain is continuous i.e. each record in the chain has been delivered to the client without any gaps by the server. Record chain is the concept upon which Cryptelo Drive is built which offers a shareable and private file storage. Data present in blockchain is immutable and consistent.

Human error is always a risk factor which cannot be eliminated, however, it can be mitigated using Cryptelo. This platform allows protected communication for data in diverse use cases and educates developers to deliver maximum security even if they are not proficient in crypto.

In other data sharing platforms, the data shared can be accessed by the third party however with Cryptelo, users will always have the ownership of their data and they can decide who can have access to it. It follows a zero-knowledge approach which means, even Cryptelo cannot access user data. Following are few of the benefits of advanced Cryptelo platform –

●     It offers Encrypted data storage so that Data can be stored at one location

●     Data is shared using data mirroring concept and hence is not sent to another location

●     It has secured Blockchain-based direct sharing key management

●     It is an open platform and hence easy to implement on any program

Cryptelo has an advanced cryptography technology which is used for operative products with billable customers. Cryptelo Drive is based on their patented Cryptelo Platform. Few of the major sellers offering encryption software applications and services are Symantec (California, US), Thales e-Security (La Defense, France), Dell (Texas, US), Gemalto (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Trend Micro (Tokyo, Japan), Sophos (Abingdon, UK), CipherCloud (California, US), IBM (New York, US), McAfee (California, US), PKWARE (Wisconsin, US), Microsoft (Washington, US) and ESET (Bratislava, Slovakia). Cryptelo ICO will allow it to move into a global arena with its cutting-edge technology for multiple use cases as a security tool for all. CTL represents Cryptelo token which is an ERC20 token, based on the standards defined by Ethereum (EtH) community. Token price is given as 1ETH = 12 500 CRL. Payment can be made through Ether currency.

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