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Jun 20, 2018 at 16:03 // PR
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Blockchain startup ICST (Individual Content and Skill Token) from the People-Joy Foundation deliver an ecosystem for the creation, publication, promotion, and trading of individual content and skill.

Singapore, Malaysia – The boom of blockchain technology has caused many new industries to emerge and thrive; new skills, services, and products that can be distributed through the internet have allowed even the most novice of content creators to make money. 

An almost endless list of possibility has emerged, online gaming, YouTube, Social media, independent music production, and blogging are to name but a few of the ways that independent content creators can make a name for themselves. However, despite the rapid growth of independent content and skill sharing, the relatively infantile industries are struggling with some fundamental issues. 

Industry Problems and ICST 

ICST has taken a look at these issues and is going to apply a unique blockchain solution to the industry as well as further innovations, evolving from the traditional C2B2C (Consumer-Business-Consumer) model and introducing a Consumer-Blockchain-Consumer model. 

As much as technology has aided in reducing overhead costs for digital content production and distribution, there is the unfortunate tradition of middlemen, who scoop profit percentages however they can. Intermediaries are becoming obsolete, whilst websites, publishers, distributors etc. provide some level of service for content creators, the commissions they take are hurting the creator, which is stifling creativity and innovation. 

Furthermore, clearing an invoice through these intermediaries or even a bank can be an even greater cause for concern, once the content is produced and published, it should be a done deal and the creator should be aptly rewarded for their effort. ICST is stripping away the tedious inefficiencies of present content creation models by applying a blockchain remedy. The benefits of blockchain technology are far-reaching, and the ICST platform will utilize it and a native token to improve global creative content and skill sharing. 

Platform Solutions 

On the decentralized platform, users will benefit from being able to share their work freely without intermediaries; it also provides them with copyright controls, entitling them to the rewards they deserve for their work. Content creators and sellers connect peer-to-peer on the platform, removing the middlemen and maximizing the capital earnt. 

The platform’s ecosystem uses Ethereum and smart contract technology, one of the most honest and trustworthy applications of blockchain technology to date, decreasing transaction costs and improving the efficiency of transactions. Content creators also no longer have to host their work across multiple platforms for maximum exposure, ICST allows for those platforms to easily migrate to it, centralizing their content in on a decentralized space. 

If personal computers and the internet caused for thriving innovative industries and content creators to thrive thanks to the efficiencies of the technology, then ICST is evolving this empowerment further by utilizing the latest advancement in digital technology, the blockchain. 

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